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Gain access to innards of Relativity’s SQL database from front end. Query every database and any table. Run queries at scheduled intervals, set notifications and get alerted by email as your query results change. Log query results over time to create graphs and charts for visualization. No data is off limits and queries are never restricted. We know it is a lot of power to put in ones hands so we ask that you use it responsibly.

To manage security, DeepQuery starts with numerous preset queries that are safe for end user to run. System administrators can create new queries and encrypt them with special key to make sure nothing you do not want runs on your server. DeepQuery respects Relativities front end security to make sure only appropriate users can access values retrieved.

While anyone can use it, this tool designed for power users who can creatively craft SQL queries to target precise data they are looking for. 

Start with numerous presets

Schedule to run when you need it

Store results in a log to monitor over time

Set triggers to get alerts

Create your own encrypted query.

With permission of an administrator for highest level of security and database integrity


Run custom encrypted query