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Software solutions for legal world.


Solutions for Relativity

BatchGuru picks up where Transform Sets left off and dials it up to 11. Perform data manipulations on massive scale using unlimited number of agents. With variety of tools from advanced sort date to making custom hash values and extending into running production exports without desktop client, this tool collection is hard to pass up on.

Remote Admin for Relativity allows for management and monitoring of kCura's Relativity environment from your iOS device. In addition to Relativity management it includes tie-ins with two Relativity applications: TrialPrep Manager and BatchGuru

Gain access to innards of Relativity’s SQL database from front end. Query every database and any table. Run queries at scheduled intervals, set notifications and get alerted by email as your query results change. Log query results over time to create graphs and charts for visualization. No data is off limits and queries are never restricted. We know it is a lot of power to put in ones hands so we ask that you use it responsibly

Follow EDRM model to see spending as they relate to various stages of e-discovery project. Backed by Relativity database, your data is stored within workspaces and can be secured as needed. Create multiple project estimates and refine numbers as project progresses helping you keep an eye on spendings.


Solutions for LAW PreDiscovery

EDD-Tools for LAW is an application that combines number of tools that automates and significantly simplifies common litigation support tasks. EDD-Tools will help those who mostly use LAW and Concordance.


Microsoft Excel integrated tools

EDD Toolbar is an Excel plug-in/toolbar that helps you work with directory lists, bates numbers and PDFs right within Excel. Running gap checks, checking for missing files in your load files and exporting from Excel directly in Concordance delimited DAT file has never been easier.

Excel Auto-Format Toolbar is an Excel plug-in/toolbar that will format Excel file to your specifications automatically with just one click. This is an essential tool when your clients demand perfectly formatted Excel files or when manual reprinting of Excel files is required.