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Show Workspace Template

Who's My Daddy?

This Relativity script shows workspace name and template that was used to create it.


    <name>Who's my daddy?</name>
    <input orientation="horizontal" />
    <display type="itemlist" />
    <action returns="table"><![CDATA[

select eddsdbo.[Case].ArtifactId, eddsdbo.[Case].[Name] into #ControlTable from edds.eddsdbo.[Case]

CREATE TABLE #Report (ArtifactID INT, Workspace NVARCHAR(255), TemplateArtifactID INT, TemplateName NVARCHAR(255))

declare @CaseArtifactID int
declare @TempDbArtifactID int
declare @ParentDBArtifactID int
declare @sql varchar(max)
declare @CurrentDBName varchar(max)

while exists (select * from #ControlTable)

    select @CaseArtifactID = (select top 1 ArtifactId
                       from #ControlTable
                       order by ArtifactId asc)

        select @CurrentDBName = replace((select top 1 Name
                       from #ControlTable
                       order by ArtifactId asc),'''','')

        IF @CaseArtifactID <> -1
        SET @sql = 'INSERT INTO #Report (ArtifactID, Workspace, TemplateArtifactID, TemplateName) SELECT top 1 ' + convert(varchar(max),@CaseArtifactID) + ',''' + @CurrentDBName + ''', [CaseTemplateID], [EDDS].[eddsdbo].[Case].[Name]  FROM [EDDS' + convert(varchar(max),@CaseArtifactID) + '].[EDDSDBO].[CaseEventHandlerHistory] 
        INNER JOIN [EDDS].[eddsdbo].[Case] on CaseTemplateID = [EDDS].[eddsdbo].[Case].[ArtifactID]    '

    delete #ControlTable
    where ArtifactId = @CaseArtifactID


select * from #Report

drop table #ControlTable
drop table #Report






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