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BatchGuru picks up where Transform Sets left off and dials it up to eleven. Perform data manipulations on massive scale by distributing work to unlimited number of agents. With variety of tools from advanced sort date to making custom hash values and extending into running production exports without desktop client, this tool collection is hard to pass up on.

Stop using Excel to modify database fields. Use BatchGuru to make sure fields are updated quickly and consistently no matter who does it. Once preset is made, just change saved search for next data load or production and you are done!

Tools to make your productivity really take off


Custom MD5 Hash Generator


Generate MD5 hash value based on YOUR fields for custom deduplication

Date Format Tool

Make dates look how you want them to

Production Helper

Create all fields you need for productions with one click



MD5 Hash

MD5 Hash Generator allows you generate hash value based on fields you choose so you can perform customized deduplication.

Sort Date

Sort Date Tool will take date of the parent email and apply it to all of its attachments so you could sort families of documents chronologically.

Time Zone

Timezone Converter will convert date/time value from one time zone to another to correct for processing error or to improve review efficiency.

Native Files Exporter

Native File Exporter will allow you to quickly export sets of native files as a ZIP file without using desktop client on a PC or a Mac.

Date Formatter

Date Formatter with convert date field into a text field using number of date formatting options to make date field more readable and avoid confusion for internation clients.

Beg/End Attach

Beg-End Attach Tool allows you to generate fields that contain Beginning Attachment Number and Ending Attachment based on Group Identifier field so you could export fully formed DAT files without using Relativity desktop client.

Beg-End to List

Beg-End to List converts BegDoc and EndDoc to a sequential list of bates numbers so you could have every page of a document listed in a field for easy tagging or searching.


OtherProps Tool extracts one of the fields from OtherProps field created by Relativity Processing into new field so you could work with that field individually.

Parent to Attachment

Parent to Attachment tool will take value from parent document and apply it to all family members so that reviewer can see parent document’s details when looking at the attachment.

Split Field

Split Field Value will split one field into two using specified delimiter which can be useful for advanced data manipulations.

Tag as Document or Attachment

Tag as Document or Attachment will identify which record is parent and which is child based Group Identifier so you could use filter option in a view to display only certain documents.

Time Zone Offset

Timezone Offset Calculator will calculate actual offset from GMT to specified time zone enabling Native Viewer to display date and time correctly.

Remove Email Address

Remove Email Address tool will remove email address from either sender or recipient fields to make exported reports or privilege logs looking cleaner leaving only names for ease of readability.

ParentID / AttachIDs

ParentID/AttahcIDs tool will enable you to create Summation compatible DAT files that can be exported right from the Relativity interface.