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EDD Toolbar is an Excel plug-in/toolbar that helps you work with directory lists, bates numbers and PDFs right within Excel. Running gap checks, checking for missing files in your load files and exporting from Excel directly in Concordance delimited DAT file has never been easier.
EDD-Toolbar One Year License
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Tools Included

  • File list maker

  • Folder list maker

  • Extract bates number from file path

  • Extract file name and file extension from file path

  • Get file size from file path

  • Check if file path is valid

  • Count number of files in a folder

  • Split bates

  • Merge Bates

  • Increase Bates by

  • Gap Check – List

  • Gap Check – Beg/End

  • Generate End Doc

  • Save to DAT

  • Range to Beg – End

  • Get PDF Page Count

  • Get PDF Metadata

  • Merge PDFs

  • Extract PDF Portfolio Metadata